Thursday, May 24, 2012

[Music] Half-Moon Serenade by Hacken LEE

Hacken Lee

1. According to Wikipedia, Hacken Lee has the honor of being the only artist who has won Hong Kong musical awards in the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s and 2010s.

I have always thought that Hacken Lee has one of the better vocals among Hong Kong singers.

My impression was that Hacken Lee was always near, but never at, the top of the Hong Kong music scene.

But after reading the two Wikipedia articles about him, I see that I was wrong.

Like a sine wave, Hacken Lee has multiple peaks in his performing career.

Hacken Lee has probably reached his pinnacle in the mid-2000s.

2. Hacken Lee was born in 1967 in Hong Kong and began his musical career in 1985 by winning the 2nd Hong Kong 18 Districts Singing Contest.

(The winner of the 1st Hong Kong 18 Districts Singing Contest was Jacky Cheung.)

Although recognized for his talent, it took Hacken Lee some years before he reached the top-tier of the Hong Kong music scene; I always thought it has something to do with looks - he was not as handsome as some of the idol-type singers.

But in compensation, after a marathon 13 years courtship, Hacken Lee married Emily Lo, Miss Hong Kong (1992), in 2006.

They have two sons born in 2007 and 2010.

3. Half-Moon Serenade ("月半小夜曲") was originally a Japanese song composed and sung by Naoko Kawai:

So very touching.

4. Naoko Kawai performing in Hong Kong in the 1980s (?):

Talented composer and singer, and beautiful to boot.

But alas, she stopped performing after marriage.

5. The Cantonese cover Half-Moon Serenade by Hacken Lee came out in 1987.

But according to a comment in YouTube, the first recording did not have market acceptance.

This is the second recording done in 1989:

The lyrics were hard subbed into the video.

6. Hacken Lee in concert in 2006:

The accompanying flute, violin and piano are all very good.

Very nice version of this song.

7. Hacken Lee and the Hong Kong Sinfonietta in 2011:

The conductor was Yip Wing-Sie.

Very nicely done.

8. Hacken Lee and Alan Tam:

The title said this was Gigi Leung; the title was wrong.

9. Hacken Lee and Gigi Leung:

Some YouTube comments are not that complementary towards Gigi Leung.

10. Hacken Lee and Joey Yung:

Not bad.

11. Hacken Lee and Andy Hui:

12. An ok sidewalk karaoke version:

13. Heywood Tam of Caltech:

I wonder if Dr. Sheldon Cooper (B.S., M.S., M.A., Ph.D., Sc.D.) was in attendance. : - )

14. A piano cover by the young Felix:

15. Another piano cover by a young pianist:

16. A very beautiful piano cover:

17. A pretty good violin cover:

18. The Lyrics in Traditional Chinese:

月半小夜曲 -- 李克勤

* 仍然倚在失眠夜   望天邊星宿
仍然聽見小提琴   如泣似訴再挑逗
為何只剩一彎月   留在我的天空

# 人如天上的明月   是不可擁有
情如曲過只遺留   無可挽救再分別
為何只是失望   填密我的空虛

@ 仍在說永久   想不到是藉口
我的牽掛   我的渴望   直至以後

Repeat *, #, @, @

19. The Lyrics in Simplified Chinese:

月半小夜曲 -- 李克勤

* 仍然倚在失眠夜   望天边星宿
仍然听见小提琴   如泣似诉再挑逗
为何只剩一弯月   留在我的天空

# 人如天上的明月   是不可拥有
情如曲过只遗留   无可挽救再分别
为何只是失望   填密我的空虚

@ 仍在说永久   想不到是借口
我的牵挂   我的渴望   直至以后

Repeat *, #, @, @

20. Names, Words and Phrases:

Hacken Lee (Traditional Chinese: 李克勤; Simplified Chinese: 李克勤).

Alan Tam (Traditional: 譚詠麟; Simplified: 谭咏麟).

Andy Hui (Traditional: 許志安; Simplified: 许志安).

Emily Lo (Traditional: 盧淑儀; Simplified: 卢淑仪).

Gigi Leung (Traditional: 梁詠琪; Simplified: 梁咏琪).

Hong Kong's 18 Districts Singing Contest (Traditional: 全港十八區業餘歌唱比賽; Simplified: 全港十八区业余歌唱比赛).

Hong Kong Sinfonietta (Traditional: 香港小交響樂團; Simplified: 香港小交响乐团).

Jacky Cheung (Traditional: 張學友; Simplified: 张学友).

Joey Yung (Traditional: 容祖兒; Simplified: 容祖儿).

Naoko Kawai (Traditional: 河合奈保子; Simplified: 河合奈保子).

Yip Wing-Sie (Traditional: 葉詠詩; Simplified: 叶咏诗).


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