Tuesday, August 04, 2015

[Music] 5 Songs from the K-Drama Full House (2004)

Song Hye-kyo (female) and Rain (male)

1. Having ceased watching Asian TV dramas about a decade and a half ago, I resumed watching again when one of my brothers loaned me his copy of Full House (2004) a few years ago.

I was hooked by this Korean TV drama -- I have watched it three times from beginning to end and the occasional episodes many times.

This drama is about a very sweet love story with a happy ending.

Full House (2004) is 16 episodes long and stars Song Hye-kyo (female) as Han Ji-eun, Rain (male) as Lee Young-jae, Han Eun-jung (female) as Kang Hye-won, and Kim Sung-soo (male) as Yoo Min-hyuk.

Full House (2004) won many awards and it took the Asian viewing audiences by storm.

I am not surprise by the many remakes of this drama in Asian countries: Philippine (2009), Vietnam (2009), Thailand (2013), Cambodia (2014), Indonesia, and China (2015).

But I am surprised that it is remake even by Turkey (2015). ("Full House (South Korean TV series)", Wikipedia)

2. There are many reasons for liking this drama.

Firstly, there is certain honesty to the storyline; it is not just emotional manipulation.

Secondly, the titled house in which many of the scenes are shot is very beautiful.

("Full House (South Korean TV series)", Wikipedia):

"The location of the titled house, Full House, is a house built specially for the series. It is located in the Gwangyeok-si area of Incheon, near Incheon International Airport, and is a ten-minute boat ride from Sammok Harbor. The house, made mostly of wood, cost approximately the equivalent of US$1 million to build. The beach front property looks out onto open waters. Nearby sightseeing locations include Jogak (sculpture) Park on Modo Island; a bridge connects these two islands."

Thirdly, there are many memorable scenes in the drama of which I will just mention three:

(a) Although I do not find the way Han Ji-eun (the main female character) house got sold by her two friends while she was away on a trip to Shanghai believable, my heart went out to her when she fell ill after spending the night in the front lawn after being kick out of the house by Lee Young-jae (the main male character) in Episode 2.

Those of us who have lived away from family may know what it is like when you are alone and fell ill.

(b) Who does not like the awkward silliness of Han Ji-eun performing the Three Bears Song in Episode 5?

(c) I guess I am a sucker for damsel in distress.

My heart went out to Han Ji-eun again after quarreling with Lee Young-jae, she fell ill from spending the rain in a park at the end of Episode 9 and the beginning of Episode 10.

Fourthly, this drama has many great songs:

(a) Fate (Hangul: 운명; RR: Oon Myung) by Why;

(b) I Think I Love You by Byul;

(c) The First Time in the First Place (Hangul: 처음 그 자리에; RR: Geu Deh Ji Geum) by Lee Boram;

(d) Sha La La; and

(e) Forever by Why.

3. Fate (Hangul: 운명; RR: Oon Myung) by Why:







4. I Think I Love You by Byul:






5. The First Time in the First Place (Hangul: 처음 그 자리에; RR: Geu Deh Ji Geum) by Lee Boram:






6. Sha La La:






7. Forever by Why:




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