Friday, October 03, 2014

[Opinion] Continue to be Amazed by the Political Maturity of Hong Kong Students

I am continue to be amazed by the political maturity shown by the students of Hong Kong:

(a) Earlier in the week, Hong Kong students demanded that Chief Executive C.Y. Leung resigned by Thursday (October 2) night.

Politically, this demand for resignation is a mistake.

When the students met C.Y. Leung on Thursday night they did not mentioned this demand.

When C.Y. Leung announced himself that he will be not resign, the students did not object.

I applaud the students for realizing that this is a political mistake and did not pursue the matter further on Thursday night.

(b) On Thursday (October 2) night, Chief Executive C.Y. Leung announced that his Chief Secretary for Administration Carrie Lam will talk with the Hong Kong Federation of Students.

After the announcement, scuffles broke out in Mong Kok District when some people tried to dismantle the tents and barricades of the demonstrators.

The demonstrators believe C.Y. Leung is behind the incident, his motive being to provoke the demonstrators into violence and so destroy their peaceful image.

Also, it is alleged that the Hong Kong Police did not sufficiently protect the demonstrators during the incident.

As a result, the Hong Kong Federation of Students announced on Friday that they are suspending the impending talk with C.Y. Leung's Administration.

This is an astute political move.

When C.Y. Leung announced talks with the students, Leung has, politically, passed the ball into the students' court.

When the students suspended talk with C.Y. Leung's Administration because of the violent incident in Mong Kok District, they have passed the political ball back into C.Y. Leung's court.

This is a very astute political move.


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