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[Music] Love amidst Wind and Rain -- Jacky Cheung and Karen Tong

Jacky Cheung

Karen Tong

1. Quotation of the Day:

Marco Antonio de Dominis (1560-1624)

In essentials unity;
In non-essentials liberty;
In all things charity.

2. Love amidst Wind and Rain ("相思風雨中") is a Cantonese song sung by Jacky Cheung and Karen Tong.

I have two specific memories related to this song:

(a) I remember exactly when I first listened to this song: It was back in 1992 when this song first came out and I was with my friend and his girlfriend and we were visiting a girlfriend of my friend's girlfriend.

When we entered her house, the girlfriend of my friend's girlfriend was listening to Love amidst Wind and Rain and she commented on how beautiful this song was.

(I am having fun writing these two sentences!)

(b) When I went to work in Hong Kong and China in the mid-1990s, one of my cousins in Hong Kong advised me to practice a few songs just in case I need to sing on social occasions.

Love amidst Wind and Rain was one of the songs I practiced on.

3. Love amidst Wind and Rain is a sub-theme song of Hong Kong TVB's 1992 TV drama Road for the Heroes.

Since then, this song has become a perennial favorite in karaoke singing for Cantonese speaking Chinese.

I suppose one reason why this song has been so popular is because the music, the lyrics and the original music video are very well done.

This song captures the sadness amidst separating lovers very well.

Another reason is because this is a duet so a male and female can sing it together in karaoke.

A third reason is that this is a "simpler" song among Jacky Cheung's songs.

Many of Jacky Cheung's songs are technically difficult for the average person to sing.

So people are happy to be able to sing this song reasonably well.

4. I believe this is the original music video:

and many more in YouTube.

After 20 years, I still think this music video is very well done.

5. A rare music video by Karen Tong and Jacky Cheung:

6. Karen Tong and Jacky Cheung in concert:

7.  Karen Tong and Jacky Cheung in an Award ceremony in 1992:

8. These are just the music:

9. Karen Tong in concert in December, 2012, in Hong Kong with the Grasshopper:

The Grasshopper is a Hong Kong singing and dancing group active since 1985.

10. Karen Tong and William singing in 2009:

William sang pretty well.

11. Karen Tong and Kevin Cheng in concert in Reno, USA in 2009:

12. Karen Tong in concert in 2006:

The laughter in the video was occasioned by the guy missing the lyrics.

13. Karen Tong having fun with her previous music video:

The guy is Johnson Lee.

14. The music in the instrument Guzheng:

15. A version with English translation of the lyrics (top) and the Chinese lyrics and the pinyin transliteration of the lyrics (bottom):

16. Frankie Lam and Kenix Kwok are both actors and not singers:

By the way, they are husband and wife.

17. The Hong Kong actors Michael Tse and Fala Chen in concert in Malaysia in 2011:

18. A cover by Tony Lui and Connie:

The venue for the singing is the Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong.

19. Some karaoke cover versions produced in China:

20. The Irish Chris McEvoy:

His introduction was in Mandarin, but the singing was in Cantonese.

21. As a testimony to the continuing popularity of this song, some amateur cover versions:

and many more in YouTube.

22. The Lyrics in Traditional Chinese:

相思風雨中 -- 張學友 & 湯寶如

(男) 難解百般愁   相知愛意濃
(女) 情海變蒼茫   癡心遇冷風
(男) 分飛各天涯   他朝可會相逢
(女) 蕭蕭風聲淒泣暴雨中

* (男) 人海裡飄浮   輾轉卻是夢
(女) 情深永相傳   飄於萬世空
(男) 當霜雪飄時   (合) 但願花亦艷紅
(合) 未懼路上湮雨濛

# (男) 啊…寄相思風雨中
(女) 啊…寄癡心風雨中
(男) 抱月去   化春風雲外追蹤鴛侶夢
(合) 恨滿胸   愁紅塵多作弄

@ (男) 難解百般愁   相知愛意濃
(女) 情海變蒼茫   癡心遇冷風
(男) 分飛各天涯   (女) 但願他日重逢
(合) 夜漫漫路上珍重

Repeat *, #, @

(男) 寒夜裡霜雪飄時
(合) 但願花亦艷紅   別後路上珍重

23. The Lyrics in Simplified Chinese:

相思风雨中 -- 张学友 & 汤宝如

(男) 难解百般愁   相知爱意浓
(女) 情海变苍茫   痴心遇冷风
(男) 分飞各天涯   他朝可会相逢
(女) 萧萧风声凄泣暴雨中

* (男) 人海里飘浮   辗转却是梦
(女) 情深永相传   飘于万世空
(男) 当霜雪飘时   (合) 但愿花亦艳红
(合) 未惧路上湮雨蒙

# (男) 啊...寄相思风雨中
(女) 啊...寄痴心风雨中
(男) 抱月去   化春风云外追踪鸳侣梦
(合) 恨满胸   愁红尘多作弄

@ (男) 难解百般愁   相知爱意浓
(女) 情海变苍茫   痴心遇冷风
(男) 分飞各天涯   (女) 但愿他日重逢
(合) 夜漫漫路上珍重

Repeat *, #, @

(男) 寒夜里   霜雪飘时
(合) 但愿花亦艳红   别后路上珍重

24. Names, Words and Phrases:

Fala Chen (Traditional Chinese: 陳法拉; Simplified Chinese: 陈法拉).

Frankie Lam (Traditional: 林文龍; Simplified: 林文龙).

Grasshopper (Traditional: 草蜢; Simplified: 草蜢).

Jacky Cheung (Traditional: 張學友; Simplified: 张学友).

Johnson Lee (Traditional: 李思捷; Simplified: 李思捷).

Karen Tong (Traditional: 湯寶如; Simplified: 汤宝如).

Kenix Kwok (Traditional: 郭可盈; Simplified: 郭可盈).

Kevin Cheng (Traditional: 鄭嘉穎; Simplified: 郑嘉颖).

Michael Tse (Traditional: 謝天華; Simplified: 谢天华).

Road for the Heroes (Traditional: 出位江湖; Simplified: 出位江湖).

Tony Lui (Traditional: 雷若天; Simplified: 雷若天).


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