Thursday, May 07, 2020

[Opinion] J-Drama -- Kasumi Arimura's Filming Break (2020)

Kasumi Arimura's Filming Break (2020)

Kasumi Arimura 

1. "Kasumi Arimura's Filming Break" (Japanese: 有村架純の撮休) is a 2020 TV drama starring Kasumi ARIMURA (有村 架純) as herself.

This TV drama first aired in Japan on March 21, 2020 and will consist of 8 weekly episodes.

As a tell, each episode begins with an incident in the TV production that necessitates a filming break and the story for the episode is the story of what Kasumi does on the day of the break.

I was so impressed by the story and acting of the first episode that I decided to watch the rest of the drama, and it has not been disappointing.

2. In the first episode, Kasumi decided to go home to visit her mother for a day on the filming break.

We find out many interesting things in that one day:

(a) that Kasumi suspects that her widowed mother might have a new suitor;

(b) that a man who visit her mother that afternoon is actually her older brother whom she has never met, the son of her deceased father by a woman prior to her mother;

(c) that Kasumi might have been seeing a married man with a child.

As her older brother is leaving from the visit, Kasumi saw her mother giving him money and later asked her mother why.

Her mother explained that her brother's business is in distress and that he has a family to support, but Kasumi was not satisfied with the answer.

In a scene later that night in a nearby temple courtyard, mother and daughter finally have a heart to heart.

Kasumi's mother confessed that since she has stolen her older brother's father away from him, she is giving him money to help him out in order to redeem her past sin.

Will Kasumi repeats her mother's mistake with the married man she is seeing?

Human drama about sin and redemption, and decision at turning points in life.

Quite thought provoking and touching.


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