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[Music] Annabelle Louie -- Do not Have to Remember the Old Dreams

Annabelle Louie

1. Annabelle Louie entered a Hong Kong music competition in 1980 and came to the noticed of music producers.

She was subsequently chosen to duet with Michael Kwan the theme song for a 1980 RTV TV drama.

This drama theme song made her known to the public.

Next year, with Do not Have to Remember the Old Dreams ("舊夢不須記"), Annabelle was established as a major Hong Kong singer.

Both the music and lyrics of Do not Have to Remember the Old Dreams (1981) were by James Wong.

Annabelle was married in 1983 and immigrated with her husband to Vancouver, Canada in 1988.

Although not very active, she still sings and performs when the occasions arise.

2. A Hong Kong interview in the October 7, 2016 Sing Tao Daily newspaper (BC Edition):

3. A recent TV performance on Hong Kong's TVB:

The erhu (i.e. two-stringed bowed instrument) is by Jessie Hou.

In a 2016 charity function in Hong Kong:

In a 2014 charity function in Vancouver:

In a 2010 concert in Hong Kong:

The erhu is also by Jessie Hou.

In a 2009 concert in Hong Kong:

In a 2003 Hong Kong theatre production:

In a 1991 charity function in Vancouver:

4. This version is transferred from vinyl:

5. Music videos:

Judging by her looks, this music video must be from the early 1980s:

Other videos:

and more in YouTube.

6. The Lyrics in Traditional Chinese:

舊夢不須記 -- 雷安娜


舊夢不須記   逝去種種昨日經已死
從前人渺   隨夢境失掉   莫憶風裡淚流怨別離

* 舊事也不須記   事過境遷以後不再提起
從前情愛   何用多等待   萬千恩怨讓我盡還你
此後人生漫漫長路   自尋路向天際分飛
他日與君   倘有未了緣   始終都會海角重遇你
因此舊夢不須記   亦不必苦與悲
緣來緣去   前事的喜與淚   在今天裡讓我盡還你

Repeat *

7. The Lyrics in Simplified Chinese:

旧梦不须记 -- 雷安娜


旧梦不须记   逝去种种昨日经已死
从前人渺   随梦境失掉   莫忆风里泪流怨别离

* 旧事也不须记   事过境迁以后不再提起
从前情爱   何用多等待   万千恩怨让我尽还你
此后人生漫漫长路   自寻路向天际分飞
他日与君   倘有未了缘   始终都会海角重遇你
因此旧梦不须记   亦不必苦与悲
缘来缘去   前事的喜与泪   在今天里让我尽还你

Repeat *

8. Names, Words and Phrases:

Annabelle Louie (Traditional Chinese:
雷安娜; Simplified Chinese: 雷安娜).

Erhu (Traditional: 二胡; Simplified: 二胡).

James Wong (Traditional: 黃霑; Simplified: 黄沾).

Jessie Hou (Traditional: 霍世潔; Simplified: 霍世洁).

Michael Kwan (Traditional: 關正傑; Simplified: 关正杰).


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