Wednesday, September 28, 2016

[Music] Alan Tam -- Who Can Change?

Alan Tam

Poster for The Fearless Duo (1984)

1. In a previous post I mentioned that there were 4 books that brought me to tears while reading them when I was a teenager.

The first one was Lin Yutang's My Country and My People (1935).

I do not remember the order in which I read the other 3 books.

But among the three is the martial arts novel The Saga of the Jade Bow ("雲海玉弓緣") (1961) by Liang Yusheng.

2. Liang Yusheng is one of the "big three" martial arts (or "wuxia") novel writers in the second half of the 20th Century; the other two being Jin Yong and Gu Long.

I have read all the novels by Jin Yong and Gu Long and about 10 of the many works by Liang Yusheng.

Like other literature, The Saga of the Jade Bow (1961) is about human nature and human conflicts.

The strand of this novel that brought me to tears is the love triangle between a guy and two girls.

The Guy loves Girl A who is from an "upright" martial arts school.

Girl B, who is from a "corrupt" martial arts school, also loves this Guy.

But Girl B is very strong willed and she tried to bring the Guy to her by forcing him to his knees.

In the last chapter of the novel, Girl B has poisoned Girl A and Girl B will give the antidote to the Guy only if he will bow to her and marry her.

As the Guy was about to bow down, Girl B relented.

I have only given the briefest description of a very complicated situation and the actual writing about this episode in The Saga of the Jade Bow (1961) is very touching.

3. Who Can Change? ("
誰可改變") by Alan Tam is the theme song of the 1984 Hong Kong TVB TV drama The Fearless Duo.

The love strand in this TV drama is also about a girl who loves this guy but the guy will not reciprocate her love; but as she gave up on him, the guy came to love her.

Unlike The Saga of the Jade Bow (1961), a happy ending!

4. Who Can Change? (1984) by Alan Tam:



5. Alan Tam and Jacky Cheung:

Alan Tam and Cecilia Cheung:

Covers by Priscilla Chan:

A cover by Leon Lai:

A cover by Andy Lau:

6. The Lyrics in Traditional Chinese:

誰可改變 -- 譚詠麟


曾經說出   今生不愛你
情切是你   癡癡相戀
將心中愛念   為我捐

如今我竟   竟將心意轉
心中的愛念盡化煙   能否改變

* 還想再等   沒法息愛念
但偏偏你   回頭也倦
煩惱是我   流淚更無言

# 誰可以將   將光陰倒轉
再讓往日   復現眼前
能再共你   漫步田園
心中的愛念為你牽   求可改變

心中的愛念盡化煙 能否改變

Repeat *, #

7. The Lyrics in Simplified Chinese:

谁可改变 -- 谭咏麟


曾经说出   今生不爱你
情切是你   痴痴相恋
将心中爱念   为我捐

如今我竟   竟将心意转
心中的爱念尽化烟   能否改变

* 还想再等   没法息爱念
但偏偏你   回头也倦
烦恼是我   流泪更无言

# 谁可以将   将光阴倒转
再让往日   复现眼前
能再共你   漫步田园
心中的爱念为你牵   求可改变

心中的爱念尽化烟   能否改变

Repeat *, #

8. Names, Words and Phrases:

Alan Tam (Traditional Chinese: 譚詠麟; Simplified Chinese: 谭咏麟).

Andy Lau (Traditional: 劉德華; Simplified: 刘德华).

Cecilia Cheung (Traditional: 張栢芝; Simplified: 张柏芝).

Gu Long (Traditional: 古龍; Simplified: 古龙).

Jacky Cheung (Traditional: 張學友; Simplified: 张学友).

Jin Yong (Traditional: 金庸; Simplified: 金庸).

Leon Lai (Traditional: 黎明; Simplified: 黎明).

Liang Yusheng (Traditional: 梁羽生; Simplified: 梁羽生).

Lin Yutang (Traditional: 林語堂; Simplified: 林语堂).

My Country and My People (Traditional: 吾國與吾民; Simplified: 吾国与吾民).

Priscilla Chan (Traditional: 陳慧嫻; Simplified: 陈慧娴).

The Fearless Duo (Traditional: 天師執位; Simplified: 天师执位).

The Saga of the Jade Bow (Traditional: 雲海玉弓緣; Simplified: 云海玉弓缘).

Wuxia novels (Traditional: 武俠小說; Simplified: 武侠小说).


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