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[Music] Myths and Sweet Nothings -- Chyi Yu & Wakin Chau

Poster for The Condor Heroes 95

 Carman Lee

 Louis Koo

 Chyi Yu

 Wakin Chau

1. Chinese Verse of the Day:


元好問 (1190 - 1257)

<< 摸魚兒·雁丘詞 >>









2. Myths and Sweet Nothings ("神話,情話") is the theme song for the 1995 Hong Kong's TVB TV Drama The Condor Heroes 95.

The Condor Heroes 95 is one among many manga, anime, computer game, radio drama, TV drama,
theatre production, and movie adaptations of the martial arts novel The Condor Heroes (1959-62 [revised 2003]) by Louis Cha.

The verse "問世間,情為何物,直教生死相許?" (What is love that people live and die for it?) is the theme of the novel and it is make famous among contemporary readers by Louis Cha.

This 1995 Hong Kong TV drama starred Louis Koo and Carman Lee.

The theme song is in Cantonese and is a duet by
Chyi Yu and Wakin Chau.

The music is also composed by Wakin Chau.

There is a mandarin version of the song called All Who Are in Love ("天下有情人").


2a. Added: Thursday, February 4, 2016

I have just noticed that the title "天下有情人" is structurally ambiguous -- the title has different meanings if it is parse structurally in different ways:

天下 -- 有 -- 情人
under the heaven -- has -- lovers

天下 -- 有情人
(to or about) under the heaven -- lovers

My translation of "All Who Are in Love" has the second structural parsing in view.

Another translation of the second parse that I have seen in YouTube is "Lovers of the World".


3. ("Wakin Chau", Wikipedia):

"Wakin Chau was born in a rice store owned by his family in Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong. Growing up as the fourth son in his seven-member family, Wakin learned to play the guitar when he was about 13 years old. In 1979, he left for Taipei to major in mathematics at National Taiwan University. During his college years, he sang and played folk songs in local coffee shops. This activity was a tradition among NTU students, and it is how Wakin learned to sing in Mandarin, which would be key to his future as a music-maker in Taiwan."

Wakin Chau's image is that of a positive and sunny person and I am not aware of any negative publicities about him.

I did not listen to music that much when Wakin Chau was at the peak of his career in the 1980s and 1990s and only catch up with some of his songs later on.

Wakin Chau used to be known as "Emil Chau".

"Emil" is the male form of "Emily" and it is a rare first name among Chinese.

I wonder why he chose "Emil" as his English name.

4. Myths and Sweet Nothings (1995) by
Chyi Yu and Wakin Chau:

5. Two covers of Myths and Sweet Nothings (1995):

By Wakin Chau and Joyce Koi:

By Mani Deng (female) and Mai Zhen-shuo (male):

6. The original and some covers of All Who Are in Love (1995):

By Wakin Chau and Chyi Yu:

By Chyi Yu and Anson Ping:

By Chyi Yu (female) and Duan Xu-ming (male):

By Duan Xu-ming (male) and Miu Chu (female):

By Rax Teh (male) and Shennio Lin (female):

By Tracy Wang and Gary Sun:

7. The Lyrics in Traditional Chinese:

神話情話 -- 齊豫 & 周華健


合:愛是愉快   是難過   是陶醉
是情緒   或在日後視作傳奇
愛是盟約   是習慣   是時間
是白髮   也叫你我乍驚乍喜
完全遺忘自己   竟可相許生與死
來日誰來問起   天高風急雙雙遠飛

* 合:愛是微笑   是狂笑   是傻笑
是玩笑   或是為著害怕寂寥
愛是何價   是何故   在何世
又何以   對這世界雪中送火
誰還祈求什麼   可歌可泣的結果
誰能承受後果   翻天覆海不枉最初
啊   有你有我雪中送火

# 男:愛在迷迷糊糊盤古初開便始

Repeat *, #, #

8. The Lyrics in Simplified Chinese:

神话情话 -- 齐豫 & 周华健


合:爱是愉快   是难过   是陶醉
是情绪   或在日后视作传奇
爱是盟约   是习惯   是时间
是白发   也叫你我乍惊乍喜
完全遗忘自己   竟可相许生与死
来日谁来问起   天高风急双双远飞

* 合:爱是微笑   是狂笑   是傻笑
是玩笑   或是为着害怕寂寥
爱是何价   是何故   在何世
又何以   对这世界雪中送火
谁还祈求什么   可歌可泣的结果
谁能承受后果   翻天覆海不枉最初
啊   有你有我雪中送火

# 男:爱在迷迷糊糊盘古初开便始

Repeat *, #, #

9. Names, Words and Phrases:

Anson Ping (Traditional Chinese: 平安; Simplified Chinese: 平安).

Carman Lee (Traditional: 李若彤; Simplified: 李若彤).

Chyi Yu (Traditional: 齊豫; Simplified: 齐豫).

Duan Xu-ming (Traidtional: 段旭明; Simplified: 段旭明).

Gary Sun (Traditional: 孫伯綸; Simplified: 孙伯纶).

Joyce Koi (Traditional: 蓋鳴暉; Simplified: 盖鸣晖).

Louis Cha (Traditional: 金庸; Simplified: 金庸).

Louis Koo (Traditional: 古天樂; Simplified: 古天乐).

Mai Zhen-shuo (Traditional: 麥震爍; Simplfied: 麦震烁).

Mani Deng (Traditional: 鄧英婷; Simplified: 邓英婷).

Miu Chu (Traditional: 朱俐靜; Simplified: 朱俐静).

Rax Teh (Traditional: 王鄭浚仁; Simplified: 王郑浚仁).

Shennio Lin (Traditional: 林芯儀; Simplified: 林芯仪).

The Condor Heroes 95 (Traditional: 神鵰俠侶; Simplified: 神雕侠侣).

Tracy Wang (Traditional: 汪小敏; Simplified: 汪小敏).

Wakin Chau (Traditional: 周華健; Simplified: 周华健).



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