Friday, May 29, 2015

[Music] Ma Ma I Love You -- Maria Cordero

Maria Cordero


1. The mother-in-law of my youngest brother passed away last weekend.

I like to dedicate the song 媽媽 I Love You ("Ma Ma I Love You") in memory of Mrs. Yu and what she has meant to her family.

2. Ma Ma I Love You is sung by Maria Cordero and is the theme song of the 1989 Hong Kong movie The Truth: Final Episode ("法內情大結局').

("Maria Cordero", Wikipedia):

"Maria Cordero, MH (
肥媽瑪俐亞; Fat Mama Maria) is a singer, actress, TV Host and DJ from Macau. She also has her own cooking show, Maria's Kitchen (肥媽私房菜) on Cable TV. Her fans nicknamed her "Fat Mama" (肥媽; Féi Mā)."

"Maria was born to a Macanese family of Portuguese-Chinese blood at the Hospital Conde S. Januário in Macau in 1954. Her family moved to Shelley Street, Hong Kong when she was ten years old. When she was eleven her father died in Cordero, and she began working to support her seven brothers and sisters. She resorted to using identity cards from friends, because the legal working age in Hong Kong was 14. Her first job was as an usher for a local cinema."

"While working as a hotel telephone operator, she came across the opportunity to learn the bass guitar. The hotel resident band found out and hired her to play at night after she auditioned. For several years she worked a triple job of telephone operator in the day, band player at night, and working as a cashier. But she also worked as a line cook for takeaway contractors for office workers, thus having excellent cooking skills, which led to her having hosted 3 food and cuisine shows."

"She married the widowed Filipino pianist, 22 years her senior, in the band when she was in her late teens. She is the mother of six children (two boys with her husband, two boys and two girls from her husband's previous marriage)."

"Her eldest son Alfonso Bibi Cordero (traditional Chinese: 高進一) is a member of the Hong Kong Hockey team which won the bronze medal in the 2009 East Asian Games."

3. This is a good quality sound track
of Ma Ma I Love You by Maria Cordero:

It is noteworthy that the lyrics are written from the mother's perspective.

4. The scenes are from the movie The Truth: Final Episode (1989):


5. Maria Cordero in concert:

6. Sound tracks by Maria Cordero:

7. Maria Cordero and Andy Lau:

8. Andy Lau and Deanie Ip are the male and female leads of The Truth: Final Episode (1989):

This video has more than one instances of the song:

9. Andy Lau in concert:

and in a charity function:

And many more covers in YouTube.

10. The Lyrics in Traditional Chinese:

媽媽 I Love You -- Maria Cordero

願乖乖早點去睡   閉上眼進太空裡

那怕變化歲月裡   北風只管呼呼吹

願乖乖早點去睡   既已跳進世間裡
世界會要你面對   許多紛擾的火堆

* 愛你是我的生趣   怎麼結果都心醉
無須負重任   催逼一生答謝
只須講 Ma Ma I Love You

願你一生不畏懼   世界醉了你不醉
你要往遠遠路去   不管艱辛只管追

Repeat *, *, *

11. The Lyrics in Simplified Chinese:

妈妈 I Love You -- Maria Cordero

愿乖乖早点去睡   闭上眼进太空里

那怕变化岁月里   北风只管呼呼吹

愿乖乖早点去睡   既已跳进世间里
世界会要你面对   许多纷扰的火堆

* 爱你是我的生趣   怎么结果都心醉
无须负重任   催逼一生答谢
只须讲 Ma Ma I Love You

愿你一生不畏惧   世界醉了你不醉
你要往远远路去   不管艰辛只管追

Repeat *, *, *

12. Names, Words and Phrases:

Andy Lau (Traditional Chinese: 劉德華; Simplified Chinese: 刘德华)

Deanie Ip (Traditional: 葉德嫻; Simplified: 叶德娴).



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