Wednesday, December 31, 2014

[Music] Fanny -- When Things Change


1. When Things Change ("每當變幻時") is composed by the Japanese Koga Masao in the 1940s and the Cantonese cover first came out in 1977 and was sang by Fanny.

It has since been covered by many Hong Kong singers.

This song is the theme song of a 2007 Hong Kong movie called Hooked on You (also called "每當變幻時" in Chinese).

(While When Things Change is a literal translation of "每當變幻時", Hooked on You is an allusion to the story line of the movie.)

The 2007 version of the song is sung by Miriam Yeung who is also the female lead of the movie.

This song is also the ending theme song of the 2010 Hong Kong movie The Stool Pigeon ("綫人").

(I understand the mainland China release of this movie uses a different ending theme song.)

I believe this classic Cantonese song is very popular with ordinary folks as there are many amateur covers in YouTube.

2. The song When Things Change is about changes (what else!).

Changes often lead to sadness so it is essential to good mental health that we are able to face changes in positive ways.

And there is a sad undertone to this song.

Yet like any good music, poetry or other art forms, this song expresses sadness about changes without being injurious to the soul ("哀而不傷").

3. When Things Change by Fanny:

Fanny live in concert in 2010:

As noted by a commentator in YouTube, this was 33 years after the debut of the song.

4. When Things Change by Miriam Yeung:

5. The ending scenes of the movie The Stool Pigeon (2010):

6. A cover by Cheng Kam-cheong:

7. Covers by Sam Hui:

8. Covers by Frances Yip:

No reflection on Frances Yip's singing abilities, but the music arrangement is not right for this song.

9. The Hong Kong pop band The Wynners in concert:

10. A cover by Priscilla Chan:

First of three songs.

11. Covers by Donald Cheung:

12. Covers by Rosanne Lui:

First of three songs:

13. A cover by Tong Li:

Very nice music.

Tong Li is from mainland China and it is obvious Cantonese is not her first language; but good effort.

14. A Piano cover:

15. A Wooden Flute cover:

16. Harmonica covers:

17. The Lyrics in Traditional Chinese:

每當變幻時 -- 薰妮

懷緬過去常陶醉   一半樂事   一半令人流淚
夢如人生   快樂永記取   悲苦深刻藏骨髓
韶華去   四季暗中追隨   逝去了的都已逝去
每當變幻時   便知時光去

懷緬過去常陶醉   想到舊事   歡笑面常流淚
夢如人生   試問誰能料   石頭他朝成翡翠
如情侶   你我有心追隨   遇到半點風雨便思退
每當見夕陽   便知時光去

如情侶   你我有心追隨   遇到半點風雨便思退
每當見夕陽   便知時光去

18. The Lyrics in Simplified Chinese:

每当变幻时 -- 熏妮

怀缅过去常陶醉   一半乐事   一半令人流泪
梦如人生   快乐永记取   悲苦深刻藏骨髓
韶华去   四季暗中追随   逝去了的都已逝去
每当变幻时   便知时光去

怀缅过去常陶醉   想到旧事   欢笑面常流泪
梦如人生   试问谁能料   石头他朝成翡翠
如情侣   你我有心追随   遇到半点风雨便思退
每当见夕阳   便知时光去

如情侣   你我有心追随   遇到半点风雨便思退
每当见夕阳   便知时光去

19. Names, Words and Phrases:

Cheng Kam-cheong (Traditional Chinese: 鄭錦昌; Simplified Chinese: 郑锦昌).

Donald Cheung (Traditional: 張偉文; Simplified: 张伟文).

Fanny (Traditional: 薰妮; Simplified: 薰妮).

Frances Yip (Traditional: 葉麗儀; Simplified: 叶丽仪).

Harmonica (Traditional: 口琴; Simplified: 口琴).

Koga Masao (Traditional: 古賀政男; Simplified: 古贺政男).

Miriam Yeung (Traditional: 楊千嬅; Simplified: 杨千嬅).

Priscilla Chan (Traditional: 陳慧嫻; Simplified: 陈慧娴).

Rosanne Lui (Traditional: 呂珊; Simplified: 吕珊).

Sam Hui (Traditional: 許冠傑; Simplified: 许冠杰).

The Wynners (Traditional: 溫拿; Simplified: 温拿).

Tong Li (Traditional: 童麗; Simplified: 童丽).

Wooden flute (Traditional: 木笛; Simplified: 木笛).


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