Friday, June 27, 2014

[Music] Fearing Never to Meet Again -- Elisa Chan and Leslie Cheung

 Elisa Chan

1. Fearing Never to Meet Again ("只怕不再遇上") is an award winning song by Elisa Chan and Leslie Cheung.

The song came out in 1984 and the music video made an impression on the viewing public.

Elisa Chan is a very talented singer.

It is with regret that she did not try some acting.

2. Although the uploader did not say so, I believe this is the original 1984 music video:

3. Elisa Chan and Leslie Cheung in a 1984 music award ceremony:

This is posted by the song's composer Yung Ka-Tsai

4. A 1992 karaoke version:

5. Elisa Chan singing the song live and solo in 2007:

She skips over some of the lyrics meant for the male counterpart.

As some have commented in YouTube: The rose on the piano is symbolic of the missing Leslie Cheung.

(Leslie Cheung committed suicide in 2003.)

Still excellent.

6. Another 2007 solo version but without video:


7. These are just the song:

8. Karen Mok in a 2013 Memorial concert for Leslie Cheung:

9. Cover by Priscilla Chan and Aaron Kwok:

They were lip-synching but they were not respecting the lip-sync. : - )

Priscilla Chan is in her usual loveliness.

10. Cover by Wayne Lai and Teresa Mo in Genting, Malaysia:

11. Cover by Andy Hui and Ivana Wong:

12. Sheren Tang and Bowie Lam in Sentosa, Singapore:

13. Cover by Lily Chan:

Lily Chan has a very sweet voice.

But I have seen more than one comments in YouTube saying that she lacks passion in her interpretation of songs.

14. Cover by Kay Tse and Justin Lo:

15. A flute cover:

Very good.

16. The Lyrics in Traditional Chinese:

只怕不再遇上 -- 張國榮 & 陳潔靈

(男) 誰人能料愛會這樣   盼你會體諒
從前承諾已變了樣   愛意那可強
默默望著滿面淚痕   仍然無怨

(女) 隨時隨地與你再遇   我對你一樣
柔情常在永遠渴望   與你再戀上
默默步入愛路   甘心永遠路向
心只恐 不再會遇上

(合) woo woo 只恐怕不再遇上

(男) 雲飄飄散雨驟只跟風向
(女) 舊日憾事怕未能償
(男) 全世界變了樣
(女) 還憶否當天說   心只想得我倆

(男) 雲飄飄散雨驟只跟風向
(女) 舊日憾事怕未能償
(男) 全世界變了樣
(女) 還憶否當天說
(合) 心只想得我倆

(男) 完全明白我這決定   叫你太失望
唯求明白這個決定   我也有苦況

(女) 若是一後愛念未忘仍然懷念我

(合) woo woo 只恐怕不再遇上
woo woo 只怕不再遇上
woo woo 只怕不再遇上

17. The Lyrics in Simplified Chinese:

只怕不再遇上 -- 张国荣 & 陈洁灵

(男) 谁人能料爱会这样   盼你会体谅
从前承诺已变了样   爱意那可强
默默望着满面泪痕   仍然无怨

(女) 随时随地与你再遇   我对你一样
柔情常在永远渴望   与你再恋上
默默步入爱路   甘心永远路向
心只恐   不再会遇上

(合) woo woo 只恐怕不再遇上

(男) 云飘飘散雨骤只跟风向
(女) 旧日憾事怕未能偿
(男) 全世界变了样
(女) 还忆否当天说   心只想得我俩

(男) 云飘飘散雨骤只跟风向
(女) 旧日憾事怕未能偿
(男) 全世界变了样
(女) 还忆否当天说
(合) 心只想得我俩

(男) 完全明白我这决定   叫你太失望
唯求明白这个决定   我也有苦况

(女) 若是一后爱念未忘仍然怀念我

(合) woo woo 只恐怕不再遇上
woo woo 只怕不再遇上
woo woo 只怕不再遇上

18. Names, Words and Phrases:

Aaron Kwok (Traditional Chinese: 郭富城; Simplified Chinese: 郭富城).

Andy Hui (Traditional: 許志安; Simplified: 许志安).

Bowie Lam (Traditional: 林保怡; Simplified: 林保怡).

Elisa Chan (Traditional: 陳潔靈; Simplified: 陈洁灵).

Genting (Traditional: 雲頂; Simplified: 云顶).

Ivana Wong (Traditional: 王菀之; Simplified: 王菀之).

Justin Lo (Traditional: 側田; Simplified: 侧田).

Karen Mok (Traditional: 莫文蔚; Simplified: 莫文蔚).

Kay Tse (Traditional: 謝安琪; Simplified: 谢安琪).

Leslie Cheung (Traditional: 張國榮; Simplified: 张国荣).

Lily Chan (Traditional: 陳潔麗; Simplified: 陈洁丽).

Priscilla Chan (Traditional: 陳慧嫻; Simplified: 陈慧娴).

Sentosa (Traditional: 聖淘沙; Simplified: 圣淘沙).

Sheren Tang (Traditional: 鄧萃雯; Simplified: 邓萃雯).

Teresa Mo (Traditional: 毛舜筠; Simplified: 毛舜筠).

Wayne Lai (Traditional: 黎耀祥; Simplified: 黎耀祥).

Yung Ka-Tsai (Traditional: 翁家齊; Simplified: 翁家齐).


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