Wednesday, January 29, 2014

[Music] Leo Ku -- Enjoy Yourself Tonight

Leo Ku

1. Chinese Poem of the Day:

李商隱 (813 - c.858)






2. Enjoy Yourself Tonight ("歡樂今宵") by Leo Ku is a very good song.

But for even a very good song, if one listens to it day-in and day-out for 20 times a day and for days on end, one would eventually get tired of the good song.

What happened was that while I was working in Hong Kong in the 1990s, a co-worker in one of the companies I worked for like to turn on the radio during working hours.

Enjoy Yourself Tonight came out at that time and was "promoted" by the radio station my co-worker listened to.

So I got to listened to it many times a day and eventually got numb by it.

But after many years and recently listening to it again in YouTube, I find the song quite refreshing.

3. Enjoy Yourself Tonight is the theme song of the 1997 Hong Kong movie Cause We Are So Young ("求戀期").

Leo Ku is one of the three male leads of this movie.

Enjoy Yourself Tonight has multiple music arrangements and each music arrangement has a different feel.

4. As Wikipedia noted ("Leo Ku"): "He is one of the few Cantopop artists who employ the use of falsetto (假音)".

I hope you enjoy the falsetto as much as I do.

5. The 2011 concert titled Amazing World.

The music lead-in by the two young musicians is 2:12 minutes long and is very good:

Another angle but from a different performance:

6. The scenes are from the movie Cause We Are So Young (1997):

7. The scenes are also from the movie Cause We Are So Young (1997).

The woman with Leo Ku is Kathy Chow:

I have always enjoyed Kathy Chow's acting; she is of Manchurian descent.

8. Leo Ku singing Enjoy Yourself Tonight:

9. Duet by Leo Ku and Raymond Lam in 2010:

10. Duet by Leo Ku and Gloria Tang:

11. Duet by Leo Ku and Sammi Cheng:

Sammi Cheng was married to her long-time collaborator Andy Hui in 2013, ending a 22 years long courtship!

12. Covers by Cass Phang:

13. A cover by Bondy Chiu:

14. A piano cover:

15. A guitar cover:

And many more videos in YouTube.

16. The Lyrics in Traditional Chinese:

歡樂今宵 -- 古巨基

從夢裡伊甸   來到我枕邊   夢與真之間   就只差一寸
要是留著你   真實地糾纏   怕沒權利以後留戀

情愫與相思   如最愛的書   未了那一章   沒翻開的勇氣
故事何樣美   終極是分離   不敢好奇   沾污結尾

* 猶如無人敢碰   秘密現在被揭曉
明日想起   我們其實承受不了
歡樂今宵   虛無飄渺   再沒餘地繼續纏繞
談情一世   發現願望極渺小
留下一點   距離回味猶自心跳
歡樂今宵   虛無飄渺
那樣動搖   不如罷了

Repeat *

歡樂今宵   虛無飄渺
那樣動搖   不如罷了

17. The Lyrics in Simplified Chinese:

欢乐今宵 -- 古巨基

从梦里伊甸   来到我枕边   梦与真之间   就只差一寸
要是留着你   真实地纠缠   怕没权利以后留恋

情愫与相思   如最爱的书   未了那一章   没翻开的勇气
故事何样美   终极是分离   不敢好奇   沾污结尾

* 犹如无人敢碰   秘密现在被揭晓
明日想起   我们其实承受不了
欢乐今宵   虚无飘渺   再没余地继续缠绕
谈情一世   发现愿望极渺小
留下一点   距离回味犹自心跳
欢乐今宵   虚无飘渺
那样动摇   不如罢了

Repeat *

欢乐今宵   虚无飘渺
那样动摇   不如罢了

18. Names, Words and Phrases:

Andy Hui (Traditional Chinese: 許志安; Simplified Chinese: 许志安).

Bondy Chiu (Traditional: 趙學而; Simplified: 赵学而).

Cass Phang (Traditional: 彭羚; Simplified: 彭羚).

Gloria Tang (Traditional: 鄧紫棋; Simplified: 邓紫棋).

Kathy Chow (Traditional: 周海媚; Simplified: 周海媚).

Leo Ku (Traditional: 古巨基; Simplified: 古巨基).

Raymond Lam (Traditional: 林峯; Simplified: 林峰).

Sammi Cheng (Traditional: 鄭秀文; Simplified: 郑秀文).


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