Thursday, July 11, 2013

[Opinion] Litter Litter Everywhere

1. Chinese Verse of the Day:

李煜 (937 - 978)




2. Last week, I joined one of my younger brothers and his family on their annual vacation to Canon Beach, Oregon.

The Oregon coastline was very beautiful.

On Wednesday's afternoon (July 3, 2013), we picnic at Ecola State Park which is an Oregon state park adjacent to Canon Beach.

For those whom have not been to Canon Beach, I can only assure you that the actual scenery of Canon Beach is no less stunning than the following photograph:

Haystack Rock as viewed from Ecola State Park

3. Amidst all this beautiful scenery my brother spotted some litter and he took photographs of it:

 Photo taken at Ecola State Park, Oregon

The litter is a finished tetrapak box of Vitasoy beverage.

Vitasoy is a very well-known brand name in Hong Kong and some of their products are available in Asian stores and supermarkets in North America.

("Vitasoy", Wikipedia): "Vitasoy (Chinese: 維他奶; Cantonese Yale: wàih tā náaih) (SEHK: 0345) is a brand of beverages and desserts in Hong Kong. Founded in 1940, it now operates under the Vitasoy International Holdings Limited based in Hong Kong."

 A Vitasoy Beverage in Tetrapak Box

Although anyone can buy a Vitasoy product and threw it away at Oregon's Ecola State Park, it was most likely done by a Chinese person.

As a person of Chinese ancestry, I am embarrassed by the littering.


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