Sunday, May 05, 2013

[Music] Three Songs from Arang and the Magistrate's OST

Posters for Arang and the Magistrate (2012)

1. Chinese Quotation of the Day:

章學誠 (1738 - 1801)





2. I have watched about 10 Korean TV dramas during the last year.

(I like to thank one of my younger brothers again for supplying me with the many shows to watch.)

Two of these K-Dramas stand out for me but for different reasons:

(a) I really like the dialogues of the 16 episodes Worlds Within (or The World That They Live In) (2008) starring Song Hye-kyo (female) and Hyun Bin (male).

The dialogues of Worlds Within (2008) have an existential and situational feel that I resonate with.

Having the pretty Song Hye-kyo as its star does not hurt either.

(b) I enjoy the 20 episodes Arang and the Magistrate (2012) very much because I recognized many of the mythologies that serve as background to the story.

Watching this K-drama makes me realize how many mythologies the Korean and Chinese people share with each other.

("Arang and the Magistrate", Wikipedia): "Arang and the Magistrate (Hangul: 아랑사또전; Hanja: 阿娘使道傳; RR: Arangsatojeon; also known as The Tale of Arang) is a 2012 South Korean historical television drama, starring Lee Joon-gi [male], Shin Min-ah [female] and Yeon Woo-jin [male]. The period horror-romance is based on the folklore of Arang, who died unjustly and returns as a ghost in order to reveal the circumstances surrounding her death."

3. A 2 CD original soundtrack (OST) for Arang and the Magistrate (2012) was released in October, 2012.

Three of the songs in this OST that I find very appealing are:

(a) Fantasy ("환상") by Jang Jae-in;

(b) Love and Love ("사랑아 또 사랑아") by Baek Ji-Young; and

(c) Love Is You ("사랑은 그대다") by K.Will (Kim Hyung-Soo).

4. Fantasy by Jae-in Jang:


5. Love and Love by Baek Ji-Young:

6. Love Is You by K.Will (Kim Hyung-Soo):

7. Names, Words and Phrases:

Baek Ji-Young (Traditional Chinese: 白智榮; Simplified: 白智荣).

ernate translation] (Traditional: 白智英; Simplified: 白智英).

Hyun Bin (Traditional: 玄彬; Simplified: 玄彬).

Jang Jae-in (Traditional: 姜宰英; Simplified: 姜宰英).

Kim Hyung-Soo (Traditional: 金亨洙; Simplified: 金亨洙).

Lee Joon-gi (Traditional: 李準基; Simplified: 李准基).

Shin Min-ah (Traditional: 新慜娥; Simplified: 新慜娥).

[Alternate translation] (Traditional: 申敏兒; Simplified: 申敏儿).

Song Hye-kyo (Traditional: 宋慧喬; Simplified: 宋慧乔).

Yeon Woo-jin (Traditional: 延宇振; Simplified: 延宇振). 


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