Friday, April 19, 2013

[Music] An Ode to Genghis Khan -- Jenny Tseng and Roman Tam

Poster for Genghis Khan (1987)

Roman Tam and Jenny Tseng

Charlene Tse

1. Chinese Verse of the Day:

陳子昂 (661 - 702)




2. An Ode to Genghis Khan ("問誰領風騷") was the theme song of the 1987 Hong Kong TVB's television drama Genghis Khan and was sung by Roman Tam and Jenny Tseng.

The mid-1980s was when TVB first began to film its productions inside China and Genghis Khan was filmed on location in Inner Mongolia.

Genghis Khan was a major production of TVB; judging from the cast, many of TVB's then actors were involved in this production.

The lead actress of Genghis Khan was Charlene Tse, Miss Hong Kong 1985.

She was at her prettiest in this drama.

3. I am a fan of Jenny Tseng's music.

She has a very good voice and has sung many memorable songs.

But if only one-fifth of the gossips about her in newspaper and magazines over the years are true, this is not a woman you want to get too close to.

The less said about her, the better.

4. The video are stills from the TV Drama:

Both Roman Tam and Jenny Tseng have powerful voices that befit An Ode to Genghis Khan.

5. A music video with Roman Tam and Jenny Tsang:

The music is great but the video is just so-so and lacked imagination.

6. Roman Tam and Jenny Tseng in a function in 1987:

The song starts at the 00:27 minute mark.

7. The video is a compilation from more than one TV dramas:

8. This is just the music:

9. Roman Tam and his music student Joey Yung:

This video is from 2000 when Joey Yung has her first concert.

10. Joey Yung and Hacken Lee in 2004:

The song starts at the 1:12 minutes mark.

11. Roman Tam passed away in 2002.

Joey Yung sang this duet solo (with Roman's voice from recording) in concert in 2010 in tribute to her teacher:

12. A cover by Priscilla Chan and William So:

The song starts at the 1:16 minutes mark.

But do excuse the video quality.

13. A cover by Mimi Chu and Wayne Lai in 2008:

Mimi Chu started her performing career as a singer but has since concentrated on acting.

Wayne Lai is an actor.

There is an obvious difference between their singing abilities.

14. A cover by Joe Junior and Stephanie Cheng.

The song starts at the 2:00 minutes mark:

Joe Junior is a "senior" Hong Kong singer.

15. A sidewalk performance in Mongkok District in Hong Kong in November, 2012:

And there are many more videos of this song in YouTube.

16. The Lyrics in Traditional Chinese:

問誰領風騷 -- 羅文 & 甄妮

* 男︰長天飛沙   壯士血在狂號
女︰原野飛花   壯士懷抱冷傲
男︰一代天驕   千秋知我名號
女︰談笑做時勢   問誰領風騷

# 女︰飛奔大漠中

Repeat *, #


17. The Lyrics in Simplified Chinese:

问谁领风骚 -- 罗文 & 甄妮

* 男︰长天飞沙   壮士血在狂号
女︰原野飞花   壮士怀抱冷傲
男︰一代天骄   千秋知我名号
女︰谈笑做时势   问谁领风骚

# 女︰飞奔大漠中

Repeat *, #

18. Names, Words and Phrases:

Charlene Tse (Traditional Chinese: 謝寧; Simplified Chinese: 谢宁).

Genghis Khan (Traditional: 成吉思汗; Simplified: 成吉思汗).

Hacken Lee (Traditional: 李克勤; Simplified: 李克勤).

Jenny Tseng (Traditional: 甄妮; Simplified: 甄妮).

Joey Yung (Traditional: 容祖兒; Simplified: 容祖儿).

Mimi Chu (Traditional: 朱咪咪; Simplified: 朱咪咪).

Priscilla Chan (Traditional: 陳慧嫻; Simplified: 陈慧娴).

Roman Tam (Traditional: 羅文; Simplified: 罗文).

Stephanie Cheng (Traditional: 鄭融; Simplified: 郑融).

Wayne Lai (Traditional: 黎耀祥; Simplified: 黎耀祥).

William So (Traditional: 蘇永康; Simplified: 苏永康).


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