Monday, November 19, 2012

[Music] Some Theme Songs from 3 Japanese TV Dramas starring Takuya KIMURA and Takako MATSU


Takako MATSU

1. Chinese Poem of the Day:

梁啟超 (1873 - 1929)






2. After graduation from university in the 1980s, I seldom watched Asian TV dramas anymore.

That was due to changes in personal circumstances.

I started watching Asian TV dramas again a few years ago.

This was also due to a change in personal circumstances -- one of my younger brothers has been supplying me with shows to watch.

But I noticed that there is a change in what the term "Asian TV dramas" means to a typical Hong Kong person.

In the 1970s and 1980s, the semantic range of the term “Asian TV dramas” usually includes TV dramas produced in Hong Kong, Japan, or Taiwan.

In the 1990s and 2000s, however, the semantic range of the term has expanded to include TV dramas produced in Korea and mainland China.

3. Takuya Kimura (木村拓哉) (male) and Takako Matsu (松たか子) (female) were one of the golden couples of Japanese TV dramas from the mid-1990s to the 2000s.

Three TV dramas where they appeared together are:

(a) Long Vacation (1996) (11 episodes);

(b) Love Generation (1997) (11 episodes); and

(c) Hero (2001) (11 episodes).

Besides being well-acted and having a good script, each of these TV dramas stands out for me because of their theme songs.

Hearing their theme songs will usually remind me of the corresponding dramas.

4. Long Vacation (1996):

5. Takuya Kimura, of SMAP fame, was already a heartthrob by the time he starred in Long Vacation (1996).

But Long Vacation (1996) really established Takako Matsu's standing as a TV actress.

Long Vacation (1996) is a love story.

Although Takuya Kimura eventually ended up with Tomoko Yamaguchi (the lead actress) in the drama, Takako Matsu will forever be known as the woman who has rejected Takuya Kimura.

6. The theme song of Long Vacation (1996) is called La La La Love Song.

" 'La La La Love Song' is a song recorded by Japanese R&B singer Toshinobu Kubota for his ninth studio album, La La La Love Thang (1996). The song was written by Kubota and produced by Yoichiro Kakizaki." ("La La La Love Song", Wikipedia.)

This song has been disabled in YouTube due to copyright claims by Sony Music.

The followings are from (Like YouTube, Tudou has a 15-20 seconds commercial at the beginning of the video.):

The video are scenes are the TV drama.

Long Vacation (1996) is part of a Japanese wave that has swept Hong Kong and many parts of Asia.

7. Music videos with Toshinobu Kubota:

8. A piano version of La La La Love Song:

9. Love Generation (1997):

10. The theme song of Love Generation (1997) is called Shiawase na Ketsumatsu and is by Ohtaki Eiichi:

Love Generation (1997) is a very sweet love story with a happy ending.

11. This is just the music of Shiawase na Ketsumatsu:

12. There are two memorable sub-theme songs of Love Generation (1997).

True True is one of them:

13. The second memorable sub-theme song of Love Generation (1997) is Hear Me Cry:

14. Hero (2001):

15. The theme song of Hero (2001) is called Can You Keep A Secret?

In Hero (2001), Takuya Kimura stars as a prosecutor investigating cases before deciding whether to laid charges and Takako Matsu is his assistant.


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